How To: Purchase merchandise straight from the manufacturer

Purchase merchandise straight from the manufacturer

Paying retail just isn't as good of a deal as buying straight from the manufacturer. To become a buyer, figure out the right manufacturers for you. Initially, you can start this process by doing web research. Surf the internet to find out what manufacturers sell directly to the consumer. Internet access is important for finding product information. Scan the manufacturer's website for online catalogs that describe an item's price, color, model, ID number, and make.

It is important to compare the wholesale price to the retail amount--you can do this by researching an e-commerce retailer, or physical retailer. Avoid buying straight from the manufacturer if an item is sold more than its retail cost. If you are willing to accept imperfections, go to the manufacturer's factory outlet store to buy a discontinued item. Check out return policies for any items, whether through the e-commerce store, outlet, or manufacturer's site. Buy what you want--straight from the manufacturer! It's perfect for deal seekers.

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Brass Head Inc. is a good manufacturer that sells direct online for way below wholesale prices. The only problem is that you have to get verified by showing them proof of an online store or brick and mortar store before you can shop.

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