How To: Sell your stuff on eBay

Sell your stuff on eBay

Turn your possessions into cash and become an online selling machine. You will need: Something to sell, a computer with internet access, an eBay account, a digital camera, shipping supplies, something to sell,a computer with internet access, an eBay account, a digital camera, & shipping supplies.
Step 1: Sign up. If you haven't done so already, sign up for a free eBay account. Before you auction off your belongings, establish a positive feedback rating by purchasing and promptly paying for a few eBay items.
Step 2: Enter item and categorize. Click on the "Sell" tab at the top of the page. Step 3: Write description. Title your auction and write a detailed – and honest – item description. Step 4: Snap and upload pictures. Using a digital camera, snap several sharp, well-lit photos of your item and save them onto your computer. Then, click the "Add a photo" button to upload to your seller page.
Step 5: Estimate shipping costs. Estimate your shipping costs using eBay's shipping calculator or a shipping web site's calculator. These tools can help determine how much you should insure the item for, and explain tracking options like signature confirmation. Step 6: Set opening bid. Set the opening bid. Step 7: Set auction length. Choose the length of time for your auction to remain open. Step 8: Determine payment method. Select a payment method. Checks and money orders are common, but using PayPal, a service that allows funds to be deposited directly into a bank account, is the most popular. Step 9: Submit your auction. Step 10: Ship item. Once your auction has ended, and after you've received payment, promptly ship the item. If it's fragile, be sure to use plenty of packaging materials. Keep the tracking number in a place where you can find it.
Step 11: Wrap up sale.

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